Beloit School Board


Megan miller

“I moved to Beloit to start teaching at Beloit Memorial High School in July 2010. I never imagined that a job opportunity would turn into a love story. Beloit has been my home now for nearly ten years, and every day I grow more in love with this community. The passion and dedication of the teachers I worked with and the people I live among are unmatched by any other place I’ve ever lived. I am proud to have had the opportunity to teach at Beloit Memorial High School for five years, and now I get to raise my three children up through our public schools.

As a teacher, my job was to empower my students. As a school board member, my goal is to empower my community. I want this opportunity to serve the city that has given me everything. I want to be a voice for our teachers and a force for equity and accountability because every single child and family in our school district are valuable and deserve every opportunity to thrive.”


Ami christophersen

“As a young LGBT student with a disability, I will bring a different perspective to the Beloit School Board. As a step parent, I can relate to the struggles parents face every day sending their children to school. It is important to support our students and families with special needs. They deserve to have a stable environment, and we must ensure that there are proper supports in place for them to succeed.

Educators deserve a safe, respectful, and supportive work environment. We rely on them to care for our children, and we put our trust in their hands that they are doing everything they can to shape our children into productive members of society. As a Beloit School Board member, I will fight to ensure a sound, consistent, and optimal environment for educators so that they can focus on the number one priority – our children.”